Bad Credit loans

Bad Credit Loans

Have A Low Credit Score? No Worries, We Offer Bad Credit Loans

The bad credit score is often regarded as the poor performance in handling the external funding sources like credit cards, loans and other things. Lending institutions feel reluctant in offering loans to these individuals, as they doubt on their repayment capacity.

With multiple rejections at most of the lending platforms, people get confused about where to get a loan in Ireland with bad credit score? Indeed, it becomes a challenging exercise for them because they have to find the loan in a quick time.

247Lenderloans is the right platform where their search ends. No more delay but full dedication is here in offering the bespoke offers on bad credit loans in Ireland. Here are the crucial loan benefits that you can assure for yourself:

  • You get the approval only based on your income source, not the credit score;
  • Your credit score will not be revealed to anyone, as we follow no credit check policy;
  • Providing the guarantor is not mandatory at all despite having your poor credit history;
  • We follow the digital lending platform where everything is done online;
  • We can consider people with very poor credit scores for extreme conditions.
Bad Credit Loan

With poor credit loans, you can borrow the amount from €1000 to €10000 for the duration of a minimum of 3 months and a maximum of 60 months

Does Only Direct Lender Offer Acceptance On Bad Credit Loans?

Gaining approval despite the less-than-perfect credit score is something like a very challenging task. Nowadays, the Irish people are fortunate enough to have the services of direct lending. This concept does not come to replace the traditional lending, but to make the amendments with full respect to the conventional lending system.

We belong to this category of direct lenders in Ireland where everything is there for the low credit people. We already have the best example of this as bad credit accepted loans in Ireland. We do accept the loan application even though the tick is there on the bad credit column. Unlike traditional lending, our lending features are more advanced and quite different in ensuring guaranteed approval for the borrowers.

Here are the few glimpses of our strategy:-

Acceptance On Bad Credit Loans
  • We have changed the basic criteria

    Other online lenders in Ireland are still hesitating in changing the necessary criteria for the approval for poor credit people. We have already done that by focusing on the borrowers’ income status, not on credit history.

  • We are Flexible towards the credit check policy

    For the first-time borrowers, we do not perform a credit check and keep their credit scores intact. It also helps in building the credible overall score from the beginning. For registered borrowers, we make soft enquiries but with no harm to your overall credit profile.

  • We offer fee-free advice to our borrowers

    Quite different from other Irish lenders, we have a team of financial experts who offer fee-free financial advice to the borrowers with a low credit score. With their valuable tips, you can make a sudden improvement in your credit profile.

How Do You Ensure Same Day Payment On Poor Credit Loans?

We have quite an advanced digital platform to receive the loan applications and to disburse the necessary funds to the borrowers. Our online procedure works better, ensuring quick funding with no hassle.

If someone wants approval on bad credit loans on the instant decision in Ireland, then we are the right lending place to accomplish such wish. Our application process consists of easy and straightforward steps, which ensure that the borrowers do not find any delay in getting the desired funds.

Loan deals beforehand

We know what the borrowers want from us. Therefore, we have pre-made loan deals, and borrowers have to choose their appropriate one.

Experienced Loan Experts

We are fortunate to have the services of experienced loan experts. They know how to prepare a loan deal in quick time and as per the desire of the borrowers.

Easy Eligibility Criteria

We have carpeted easy eligibility conditions so that maximum borrowers can gain advantages of our loan deals without wasting too much time.

You can see that have everything is already there for you. Therefore, if you want the fast decision, then you will get the same from us.

What Exception Is There On Personal Loans For Bad Credit?

People with poor credit scores feel obliged when they approach the traditional lending agencies in Ireland. One of them is providing the collateral against the borrowed amount. This does not only delay the process but also put significant restrictions ahead of them. However, there is a ray of hope on the platform of direct lenders.

We are offering personal loans in Ireland for bad credit people with absolutely no need for collateral. It means these are the unsecured personal loans and available quickly with the same day approval and fund disbursal.

Here are the few suggestions for your loan chances:

  • Instead of putting collateral, you can get approval on your monthly income;
  • The absence of loan security ensures fast processing and quickly rectifies the financial issues;
  • These unsecured loans are the best for short-term funding only needed during the emergency.

Don’t worry about the interest rates because our loans are quite competitive in terms of interest rates.

247Lenderloans- We Make Loan Doable Despite Poor Credit History

The lending firms can be many in Ireland, but there are only a few of them who work as the reliable financial partner of the borrowers. We indeed belong to this category, and our bad credit loans make us among the most reliable Irish lenders.

We have brought a new concept where the loan approval comes on different norms instead of the traditional lending comprising guarantor, credit check, and collateral as mandatory conditions. We are quite far away from it and committed for the guaranteed acceptance loans on the borrowers’ income basis.

Apply for the loans here at least one time, and we promise that you will get the unique experience with useful borrowing to meet your personal ends. Click here, submit your application and get loan quote within 15 minutes.


What is bad credit loan in Ireland?

A bad credit loan is the product of personal loans offered to people with a low credit score in Ireland. It is specialised and designed for short-term where the borrowers’ credit history is not the criteria for loan approval. Instead, the current income status and financial commitment pave the way for guaranteed loan approval by a direct lender.

How can I get a poor credit loan?

Getting a poor credit loan is not complicated at all, thanks to the dominance of online lending. Just prove your repayment capacity and keep the good recent performance. The lender can approve your loan application.

Can I get loans with bad credit in an Emergency?

Yes, you can get loans with bad credit in any financial emergency. Online lenders in Ireland do not care about what purposes you have for borrowing money. They have the primary concern on the proper repayments. However, you should not borrow more than the actual funding needed.

Can you get loans with bad credit if I’m Unemployed?

Yes, we offer loans for bad credit for unemployed people in the Irish Lending Marketplace. We prefer to see the capacity of their part-time income, like rent from a property, freelancing, benefits, etc.

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