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Here are our most frequently asked questions with answers.
As these business loans are for shorter duration and small purposes, you do not need any collateral to apply for them. Instead, you can get approval on your earning capacity that may be examined quarterly or annually. Rest of the procedure is done online with minimum paperwork and legwork.
There is nothing extraordinary required to get the funds urgently. We have pre-defined quick loans that you can apply for irrespective of your bad credit and no guarantor. Just fill the online form on our website and receive the funds within 1 hour.
We do offer car finance for unemployed in Ireland, but the interest rates may be slightly on the higher side. Besides, you may not allow getting large funding, but you will get quick small funding based on your part-time income.
There is always a possibility to avail a quick loan with a poor credit score. For the small loans, we follow no credit check policy that paves the way for smooth funding access. With timely repayments, you can improve your credit score too.
Most of the times, Yes, but if he is a tenant with having an excellent or good credit score, then we can agree to your loan application. Alternatively, if you need a small amount to borrow, then you can go to our no guarantor small loans.

Only three steps are required to have a short term loan in our favour:

  • Fill the online form and submit it
  • We quickly analyse the details and give approval
  • The desired amount deposited to your bank account through online transfer

Obviously, you will look for the reasons to approach us, and we give you the unique ones, such as:

  • Flexible and feasible financial assistance
  • Proper and prompt lending criteria
  • The all-round lending products

Both the banks and private lenders have their significance in the marketplace, but one thing that favours direct lenders is that they are more flexible to their norms. They prepare a deal only after discussing with the borrower. Therefore, from the interest rates to the repayment terms, everything is variable borrower to borrower.

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