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Just tell us how much you need to increase the worth of your home. We’ll send the money to you.

  • Very competitive Loan Interest Rates
  • Bad credit issues? No problem
  • Repay the Loan the Way You Want
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  • Highest Loan Approval Rates
  • Insurance for FREE!

Your home improvement loan from €1,000 to €50,000 is waiting for us. Just use the button below to get it!

Bad Credit Loan

Increase the Worth of Your Home with a Home Improvement Loan

Do you want to renovate your home to increase its value?

Are you facing emergency repair issues?

Want to sell your home, for which a renovation is required right now?

Or do you need your property extended?

A home improvement loan can be a QUICK SOLUTION to that.

Raise the value of your real estate property, and make it more customised and functional with the help of a home improvement loan from us. We are one of the direct lenders in Ireland offering you such a loan.

What exactly is an unsecured home improvement loan?

A home improvement or a home renovation loan is simply an unsecured or personal loan that does not need any collateral. You are unrestrained to use the money, yet you want to renovate your home or extend it. A loan of this kind is usually offered to people who need financial support for home improvements or repair works anytime or urgently. Many in Ireland also take this loan out for home extension or increase real estate valuations for resale purposes.

And a home improvement can be special.

Why a Home Improvement Loan in Ireland Is Advantageous

Diverse Interest Rates & Repayment Periods

You can choose from a wide variety of interest rates and repayment methods based on your income and credit score. Get repayment duration of up to 10 years.

It Does Not Require a Collateral

Why worry about collateral when you know that a home improvement loan is unsecured? Know that your stable income is enough for us to lend you the money.

Borrow up to €50,000

You don’t need to ‘feel limited’ in your pockets to renovate your home. Borrow up to €50,000 or simply tell us the amount you need and renovate your home exactly as you want to.

Quick Loans Fund Emergency Home Needs

You need to get a quick loan to find your emergency home needs. Don’t worry. With us, a home renovation loan can be disbursed to you on the same day you have applied for it.


Like the credit unions, we offer our home improvement loans and other loans with free insurance. Added to that, we also provide you with low-interest rates for some special loans.

Get a Home Improvement Loan Even in a Bad Credit

Need a loan for home improvement despite bad credit? We will not disappoint you. We may run a check on your credit score and history, but they won’t affect your loan as long as you have a convincing income from any source.

Think less and take the money out. We will take over from here by guiding you productively.

How Can You Do MORE with a Loan for Improvement to Home?

We know why you are after a loan for improvement to home. Making your home renovated in the way you want is a challenging task with the money you save. Doing so will also keep you under pressure to fill that money gap in your savings account as soon as possible.

You cannot just make your plans in the most liberal sense when you have to take out money from your savings account. All you can do here is taking out a home improvement loan in Ireland as it WIDENS THE OPPORTUNITIES OF HOME IMPROVEMENT.

What a Home Improvement Loan Does for You

  • - Keep Your Savings Account out of the Picture

    You don’t need to worry about taking even a single penny from your savings. Keep on saving money in it and use part of your income to pay back the interest and amount of a home improvement loan you’ll take out from us. We will help you with flexible repayment options. So, relax!

  • - Don’t Compromise Your Renovation

    Do you need a renovation amount of €40,000, but you have only €25,000 lying in your bank? Let the bank keep it, and you take out a home improvement loan from us up to €50,000. If you need an exact amount too, then let us know. We’ll help you. Just make sure your home renovation is completed the way you want.

  • - Take Care of Emergencies

    Is the roof leaking? Are you facing an urgent plumbing issue? Do you need your load-bearing wall fixed within a fortnight? Trust us and take a home improvement loan fast enough to be approved in a few hours. It will reach you on the same day you have applied for it. Use the money to take care of the emergencies like these and pay back the amount over a long period comfortably with our 10 year home improvement loan offers.

  • - Don’t Lose a Buyer When You are Reselling Your Home

    Get your home renovated as soon as possible with a home improvement loan so as not to miss those precious buyers. Obtaining a competitive resale price these days is a rare thing. Finalise your deals with your buyer by a quick renovation or extension. We have got the home improvement loan to cover you back. We also take early repayments f you want to repay us using a part of the resale amount you have got.

Want to take out a loan right now? Check the best home improvement loan rates we offer!

Taking out the Home Improvement Loan from Us? Use These Simple Steps

There is not much hassle in this:

Just go through these steps, and you will be pinged with the notification of the home improvement loan amount delivered to your bank account.

Step 1 Application

Click apply now button to find out our simple application form. Avoid the clutters of paperwork and fill the form with basic details such as name, DOB, phone no, loan amount and type; Eircode and you’re done!

Step 2 Verification

We will now go through your financial and income-related details. You need to produce your

  • - Credit score
  • - Experience letters
  • - Income statement of your employer where you have been working for the past one year

We ask for these documents to determine if you can manage to repay the amount with the interest rates you requested.

Step 3 Approva We will run these checks as soon as possible and offer you the most suitable loan plan with repayment options and interest rates comfortable for you to manage. We will take just a few hours to approve your loan.
Step 4 Delivery You will now receive the home improvement loan on the same day you have applied for it. Kindly note that you get loans from us during the holidays too.

Am I Eligible for an Instant Loan for Home Improvement with Bad Credit in Ireland?

You will not get a rejection from us because of a bad credit score. If you have low credit scores, then stop worrying. We offer a loan for home improvement with bad credit checking a few details of yours.

Here is how you are getting it from us:

Step 1

We Make a Soft Credit Check

Here, you don’t need to worry much about the credit check part, as we run a soft credit check only to find evidence of your credit history and determine your credit card transactional behaviour.

Step 2

We Run a Check on Your Income

Your stable income will get you a loan for home improvement with bad credit. We will make sure that you have a steady income and regularly pay bills. This is done to determine the degree of affordability for you to take a loan out.

Step 3

You Take out the Loan Backed up By Our Advices

We are direct lenders with sound professional experiences to lend you the amount you can afford. You will receive your home improvement loan for bad credit ASAP when we are done with the two processes mentioned above.

Hold on! Are you saying your credit score is lower than 620? Well, get a loan still by scrolling down.

I Have Got a Really Bad Credit Score below 620. Can I Get a Home Improvement Loan?

Yes, you can get a home improvement loan below the credit score of 620. For that, you might need to choose a personal bad credit loan.

  • We offer an unsecured bad credit loan with a soft credit check.
  • You can also get a no credit check loan if you show us your stable income and continuity in paying bills sufficiently.
  • Since it is a personal loan, you can use our bad credit loans for home improvement and any other project.

Is There Any Use of a Home Improvement Loan Calculator before Applying?

Before you take out a loan, you must wonder to what degree a loan will charge you with interest rates. You might also be unsure of the repayment amount. Using home improvement loan calculator in Ireland eliminates these confusions and gives you an idea of the loan repayment amount; monthly instalment rates based on the loan interest and duration. However, as direct lenders, we will help you further with repayment packages, lucid interest rates etc. Meanwhile, you can use a loan calculator to know the numbers anyway

  • A loan calculator can be of help if you want to find out your loan affordability.
  • Find a calculator online and check the home improvement loan rates and repayment amounts to find weekly or monthly rates.
  • Check your income and find out if you can pay back the loan amount at the right time.
  • Keep in mind that a loan calculator may not be the solution.

Do you need to use the home improvement loan calculator then? The short answer is ‘Yes’.

Wait! A Home Improvement Loan After Mortgage Is the Thing You Need?

We have home improvement loans after the mortgage if you are hunting for low-interest rates and other mortgage loan facilities.

Low-Interest Rates

We would let you go through current market conditions to help you get a mortgage loan with the least interest rates.

We Calculate for You

We will cooperate with you in the process. We will aid you in calculating the right loan amount and interest rates for you.

Stamp Duty Calculation Assistance

Do you help in calculating the stamp duty? We will help you understand it.

Get Guidance and Support

We give you quality support and advice by counselling on the mortgage loan.

How do we Offer You a Mortgage Loan?

  • We go through your credit score and run a credit check based on your credit history. If you have a low credit score, we can still discuss with you and come to a middle ground with your mortgage needs and income transparency.
  • A home improvement loan after mortgage needs a down payment of a minimum of 10% of your real estate property value. You need to supply us with your current financial behaviour in terms of income. We need your paychecks and monthly bills, revenue generation statements (for businesses), tax statements, and many more to determine if you can pay the said down payment amount and repay the loan amount in time. If you are regular with funding your utilities, then a poor credit score might not be an issue for a loan such as this.
  • We would look for a guarantor to lend you the money. Same the procedure mentioned above also takes the income statements and the financial stability of the guarantor into consideration.
  • Even if you have made payment mistakes in the past or you have not been very regular with credit card payments, we will still evaluate your financial needs. We will compare that to your income and credit score to offer you a SUITABLE MORTGAGE LOAN by coming to a middle ground.

Here are the DOCUMENTS we need to offer you the home improvement loan after the mortgage:

The proof of income for the last year or the last 9 months Bank statement for the last one year The amount of the money as a down payment deposit should be a minimum of 10% of the property price.
Experience letters of the present and previous companies Registration in the electoral roll The same proof for the guarantor

What Are the STRONG Reasons to take out a Home Improvement Loan Only from us?

It is the lending we give, but it is the trust we build. Our lending practices are always there to help you out. We also work tirelessly (even on holidays) to offer you the right assistance you want.

Above all, we value the word called ‘commitment’.

We stay committed to your needs and help you in the best ways possible to send you the money you need. We do that too efficiently so that you don’t get to feel troubled with repayment.

  • Get Loans Tailored to Your Needs

    Whether it is a common home improvement loan in Ireland or a special green home improvement loan, we make the loans serve you. We get you a loan that your financial condition can afford.

  • Favourable Interest Rates; Repayment & FREEBIES!

    You get favourable interest rates and flexible repayment duration plans according to your income. Added to that, you get free insurance and other facilities like credit union loans.

  • Reach Us Instantly for Personalised Guidance and Counselling

    We update our services through professional counselling and advice. We also upgraded our service benefits after you took out a loan from us from time to time. Added to that, you can reach us anytime you want for a conversation. We even lend on holidays.

  • We Prioritise Your Goals

    247Lenderloans has achieved a reputation due to our sincere efforts in helping people reach their goals. We value your fulfilment as our USP. We will not stop until your projects are funded and completed efficiently.

We Reach Your Goals TOGETHER.

Glimpses of how our Home Improvement Loans Go Well with Our Clients...

A home improvement is a tough project. To do it in the right way, you need help. Glad to get it in a tailored sense from 247Lenderloans. It worked out just fine


Me and my partner have been planning for a home renovation for a significantly long time. We found 247Lenderloans just at the moment when we were confused with home improvement loans. The rest of story is good thanks to the brand


I thought home renovation loans were very difficult to repay. I have been wrong. My earning is limited but the team of 247Lenderloans helped me repay the loan I took out from them perfectly by 7 years. It felt like we were a family



How to Get a Home Improvement Loan of €10,000 in Bad Credit?

A personal loan for home improvement for €10,000 with bad credit can be gotten if you have a stable income. We will evaluate the fluidity of your bill payments to understand your financial behaviour. We do this to know whether you can bear repaying the loan. After this, a short credit check is made, and you are offered the loan with our customised assistance.

Do I Get a Home Improvement Loan after Mortgage?

You can get a home improvement loan after a mortgage if you can make a down payment of 10% of your property value; have a stable income, and get a guarantor with regular earnings. A bad credit score will hardly be a problem with these options to get this loan.

Do Home Improvement Loan Calculators Make Sense?

Of course they do! Most home improvement loan calculators in Ireland can help you understand the loan terms, such as repayment amounts and interest rates over a period you have chosen. Yes, they don’t make you take out a loan, but they help you understand these loan terms better. .

Are Home Improvement Loans Quick?

Yes, they are. If you apply for a home improvement loan with us, you will find a very simple application form that needs minimal details to give you approval in just a few hours. You will get the loan on the same day you applied for it.

Can I rely on a direct lender for a home improvement loan in Ireland?

We are a direct lender, and we are proud to say that only our services can give you the most favourable interest rates and tailored loan assistance. Added to that, we provide only affordable loans that make lending a safe process for you.

How much can I get through a loan for home renovation?

The final loan amount varies according to individual circumstances and affordability. As a responsible direct lender, we only allow an affordable amount to borrow, which you can manage from your monthly income. Therefore, we can also accept part-time income to approve a loan application. Depending upon your repayment capacity, we can generally offer from €5000 to €50000.

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