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Mortgage Loans

–Affordable and Authentic for Anyone

Buying a home? Need a secured loan authentically? Don’t be confused about mortgages anymore. We bring it to you in the most interesting ways. We aren’t just offering you attractive deals on mortgage loans, but we’re also willing to make borrowing and repaying enjoyable for you.

What you might expect regarding cheap mortgage from us:

  • Mortgages with flexible interest rates and easy repayment schemes

  • Quality advise and counselling from our end – FOR FREE

  • Free online assistance and enhanced mortgage approval suggestions

  • A WHOLE-OF-MARKET approach to help you know and get the best loan

  • Customised mortgaging services

  • Telephonic assistance ALL THE TIME

Online Advice Assistance

Why wait for the best deal? You have already gotten that! If you want to take out a mortgage from us, you can use the wee button below.

What 247Lenderloans Brings for You with a Mortgage Loan in the UK?

As you have already known, we are one of the most authentic direct lenders in Ireland. Our borrowers have tagged us ‘All-Rounder-Lenders’. Our company offers money lending services under one roof providing all types of loans to get you the MOST APPROPRIATE financial service you need.

Our client’s priorities are the reasons we exist. We will work our heart and soul to make their financial expectations be met and fulfilled. We would also guide you in unique ways to make your mortgage loan get appropriately CUSTOMISED to suit the needs of our borrowers.

Our client’s priorities are the reasons we exist. We will work our heart and soul to make their financial expectations be met and fulfilled. We would also guide you in unique ways to make your mortgage loan get appropriately CUSTOMISED to suit the needs of our borrowers.

This happens in our years of experience. We help you get in touch with market insights through our whole-of-market approach to let you know the best mortgaging practices of the recent times only to get you to the right deal.

What is a Mortgage Loan?

A mortgage loan or a mortgage is a secured loan. It means that it is a loan that an asset secured. You get to borrow the money against that asset. In the case of a mortgage, this asset is your real estate property, i.e., your home. This asset is called the collateral.

One or more borrowers can take a mortgage loan out. You can use your home when the loan term is applicable only if you pay the monthly payment timely and sufficiently with the interest rate to which you and your lender agreed.

If you cannot pay off the loan amount in time, your lender might possess your home, resulting in your home’s foreclosure. However, these happen in rare cases, and we advise you on the best ways to repay the loan in time and that too comfortably.

What are the special traits of a mortgage us? Have a look below:

100% Customer Loyalty by a Whole-of-Market Approach

Take a glimpse at the mortgage loans available in the market. We will help you find the right deal with our expert mortgage advisory and counselling. While doing all this, we remain fully loyal and transparent to our borrowers.

We Customise the Loan Option for You

Determine the best loan amount for you per your needs and interest rates to come to a middle ground with these two. It helps you maintain loan affordability for easier repayment.

Gain Advanced Mortgage Loan Calculator

NO NEED TO SEARCH MORE OR VISIT OTHER WEBSITES! Use our advanced loan calculator anytime to find out loan terms. Again, you are welcome to use the stamp duty calculator if you borrow to purchase a property.

Gain 24 x 7 Support Online

Need help? We are working 24 x 7 to give you simultaneous support to aid you to solve your problems. If you have any queries, doubts, or need assistance; feel free to contact us

Instant Application and Fund Disbursal

Don’t be slowed down by traditional loan application procedures. Go paperless to fill out our very simple application form anytime. You will get your loan approved within a few hours, and the money will be delivered to you on the same day.

No Upfront or Hidden Fees

Stop worrying about hidden and upfront fees. At here, we keep our services the most transparent, and this trait will surely reveal to you that we don’t have any upfront fees or hidden charges for the mortgage loans that are in store for you.

Why Most Mortgages Are Found So Popular in the UK?

A Fast Fact: One of the biggest mortgage markets is the UK. It has 11.1 million mortgages worth a total of 1.3 trillion pounds. Since being a homeowner is popular in the UK, borrowers are more familiar with mortgages. Buying a home is popular in the country with mortgages as well.

According to data, the UK people are also enthusiastic about a mortgage.

Want to know why?

  • Mortgages come with surprisingly low-interest rates
  • You can take out high amounts of loans
  • Mortgages come with a long repayment duration

What might you do with these loans? Well, you can fund many projects. In alternative case scenarios, a mortgage can help you learn more about property evaluation and use it effectively to create more productivity.

Taking out a mortgage makes sense in the following instances:

  • To buy another home
  • To improve credit score
  • To fund an emergency operation
  • To use a loan with low-interest rates
  • To get quick loans access to money for financing other projects
  • To fund your kids’ college fees
  • Maybe to remodel your home or to increase its resale value
  • Or to just access ready money to help fulfil one’s needs

How Would You Expect Mortgage Loans Ireland to Work for you and your needs?

If you want to take out a simple mortgage loan, there might not be a better moment than this.

Do you know why? It is because we will guide you in exceptional ways. To learn how these loans work with 247Lenderloans, consider the following points.

Step 1: Application

You have to apply for the mortgage loan in Ireland by your end first. Only then we can be able to help you out. The process is made super-simple by us when you go through the online application form:

You are to enter these simple details:

  • Name
  • DOB
  • Email Address
  • Eircode
  • Loan Amount
  • Loan Type

Step 2: Verification

We need to go through the amount you requested from us and evaluate some vital details of your income statement, your residential status and ownership details and credit score etc., to find out if you can pay back the mortgage affordably using the loan interest rate and repayment plans we offer.

You need important documents like:

  • Your valid paperwork for residential ownership
  • Your electoral registration evidence
  • Evidence of your latest employment of the last year (if you fail to show that, then an income proof of the last 9 months can do just fine)
  • Bank statements for the last year
  • Credit Card Score (Don’t worry if it is bad. We will come to it).

Step 3: Requirements

We would require some assistance from your side to begin the lending process. A down payment sometimes speeds the process up. Here are the requirements are written below for you.

  • Fees: You do not need to pay any extra or special fee for the loan. All you need to do is to concentrate on the repayment terms.

  • Interest Rates: The rates are subject to your financial needs and property evaluation again. The mortgage interest rates you might be thinking about will come after we both have had a formal discussion to finalise your loan amount and terms.

  • Down Payment: You can make a down payment of at least 10% of the value of your property. This is the minimum amount required. You can still make a larger down payment, which may bring more favourable loan terms for you.

Step 4: Negotiation

We understand what you need. Our company can do this through quality negotiation centring on the mortgage loan you are about to take from us. We have devised some simple ways for this.

  • Comfort: To make this process free of hassles and interesting, we keep everything, including the online application; the verification process; and the negotiation, organised to offer you a relaxed approach to learning more about mortgage loans.

  • Constancy: We want to be transparent to our clients. We will provide you with all the details beforehand. We also involve you in the loan selection process using the whole-of-market approach that allows you to go through different lending options in the present market and understand the industry values to understand the loan you need. We also do this to offer you a 99% mortgage approval of the mortgage you need.

  • Completeness: We are financial experts who will look after your special financial needs and offer you the right solutions to enhance your loan affordability. With this step, your loan deal will be finalised and delivered to your account.

However, we have got something important to talk about.

How We Help You in Getting a Mortgage Loan with Poor Credit Score?

We can make this as simple as you want it to be.

A poor credit score can be a reality. It does not mean that your hopes are lost…at least not with 247Lenderloans.

Many have a poor credit score of 600. Some may have a bad credit score of 561. It does not mean a poor credit score can become a hurdle for a mortgage. However, you must clear a confusing element at first. Keep in mind that there is nothing called a credit check loans mortgage.

Of course, we do not put much focus on your credit score, but again it has to be checked. We stick to making a soft credit check, which evaluates your credit score to understand your credit card transactional behaviour. It does not necessarily affect the lending services we offer bad credit loans for people.

Consider the table below to learn what you need to do:

Use the Bad Credit Mortgage Calculator

Check Your Income Statement

Sometimes, mortgages with bad credit come with high interest. Use a mortgage repayment calculator in Ireland to determine these mortgage rates and repayment terms to find out your mortgage affordability.

You must have a strong income statement, which ultimately will help you get an advanced chance in managing mortgage affordability. Do produce the income proof and the experience letter from your employer.

Get a Guarantor.

Make a Down Payment

You might need a guarantor in case of a very bad credit score. Again, the guarantor needs to provide evidence of financial stability so that a mortgage can be lent.

If you make a down payment of 10% of your property value, then the chances of getting a mortgage even with a bad credit score become a reality.

Are you a first time borrower? We have got some RELAXING news for you:

First-time borrowers can be at ease for a variety of reasons. First, they need not worry about a bad credit score. Even if they have such a credit score, they might be eligible for a fixed-rate mortgage in Ireland.

  • If you are a first-time borrower and have not taken a loan with your credit card, you might not need to worry about a credit score.
  • Even if you have a bad credit score, a larger down payment can get you a better loan deal.
  • Always try to be more interactive with us because we can run a check on all the concerned points and give you the most suitable solution.

How Long Does It Take to Get Mortgage Approval for a Commercial Purpose?

It is time you take a mortgage loan in the next step. Many in Ireland take out a mortgage loan for business reasons. It is true that a real estate property is meant for more than just domestic purposes. You might need:

  • A new office for managing your brand
  • A retail store outlet
  • Probably a clinic
  • A school or educational institution
  • Maybe a financial institution like us
  • A building for a new hotel
  • Or a Logistics warehouse

And many more…

These kinds of mortgages are often known as buy to let mortgages. It means a simple mortgage that you use for buying a property. In such a way, you are using an existing asset as collateral to purchase or own another asset. Lenders call it one of the smartest ways to purchase a real estate property. It is because:

  • You get access to cash immediately at a low-interest rate.
  • You get borrowing freedom as you get to choose an amount.
  • You can finalise your deal instantly, as a real estate deal feels painful if you miss an affordable opportunity.

You can use the advanced loan calculator and stamp duty calculator to learn more about the purchase options of a property you have in mind using a mortgage.

Wondering what might be the right lending option to purchase one of these properties?

Surely, it will be a mortgage loan, which we also provide.

Instead of searching here and there on How Long Does It Take to Get Mortgage Approval, you just need to click the ‘apply now’ button and get the most suitable mortgage loan we offer you.

As mentioned earlier, the application procedure is the same. You just need to add the following details since you are taking out a mortgage this time for a more commercial purpose.

  • Company registration information
  • Bank statement for the past one year
  • Income or financial statement from the applicant
  • Income or financial statement of the guarantor
  • Annual returns or revenue generation evidence for the last one year
  • Tax filing report for the last one year

How 247Lenderloans Make Taking out a Mortgage in Ireland USEFUL for you?

“We know the loans out there in the market and then we know your special requirements. It is our job to make both ends meet…EFECTIVELY.”

Our company has been there in the industry of mortgages for many years serving people from the neighbourhood to the corporate spheres. We know the industry standards and the market data regarding mortgages in Ireland, and we bring that data to you for a more accurate understanding of these kinds of loans.

You may ask why we are special, and that is why you are here, reading this point. Well, we can give you the answer below:

  • We Are Not Limited to an Area

    We don’t have any bias regarding the area you are in. You can stay in Ireland, Ennis, or an Irish village, and the loan facility will be given to you. We are the next generation lender who defines lending practices by justified and uniform actions of support and cooperation. Wherever you stay, we are going to be there for you.


    People do not know about all the facts regarding a mortgage loan as a mortgage loan is a vast subject to study on. We are direct lenders who have been dealing with mortgages and personal loans for years, and we genuinely put that into action in the form of guidance and advice for our clients.

    • We determine your current financial behaviour.
    • We make a soft credit check to understand your financial status extensively.
    • We assess the collateral value and the property held against the mortgage loan.
    • We understand the quality and the degree of your present financial needs.
    • We also use the whole-of-market approach, which naturally brings you the lowest fixed mortgage rates in Ireland to help you with a comfortable and timely repayment.
  • We Keep Your Goals as Ours

    247Lenderloans works together to solve a problem. We are proud to say that we do it together and work with each other to develop a UNIQUE solution to enhance the borrowing experience and give you that borrowing space to choose a loan that ultimately works out for you.

“If it is a mortgage you need, know that we’ll do more than just having you covered.”

How about a Representative Example of the Mortgage We Provide?

A readied example of a mortgage amount, mortgage interest rates and repayment amount can give you an idea of whether or not you can afford the loan. Keep in mind that the loan term you view below is subject to change. Before you take out a loan, we will make you go through the negotiation as mentioned earlier to help you choose the best mortgage rates and terms.

Mortgage Amount €10,000
Mortgage Interest Rate 12.5%
Mortgage Duration 36 months (3 years)
Monthly Repayment Amount €331.19
The total Repayment amount of the Mortgage €11922.79

What Are Our Customers Saying about Our UNIQUE & USEFUL Mortgage Loans?

We value our customers as the reason we exist. Our lending experiences and market insights are important for them and to us. We keep customers before everything else


Do I get a buy to let mortgage in Ireland easily?

Yes, you can get a buy to let mortgage easily. You can get a buy to let mortgage in Ireland when you are transparent with the value of the collateral you have and the price of the property you want to purchase. We shall help you with quality advice and counselling on the loan you need.

How can I get a mortgage with a 20 year fixed mortgage rate?

If you want to take out a 20 year fixed mortgage rate, you need to get a detailed insight into the market. We will give you that with a whole-of-market approach. We will get you all loan deals with a fixed mortgage rate for 20 years and help you get the most affordable one to keep repayments simple and relaxing.

Will I get a mortgage loan even if I have a bad credit score?

A mortgage loan with a bad credit score is not a myth. It is a reality. We need the property details, your strong income statement, a guarantor with the same level of income statement and your credit score. To secure the payment, we might also require you to make a down payment of a minimum of 10% of your property value or the collateral. Yes, your credit score will be evaluated. It will not affect the loan procedure to any point. We run a soft credit check to understand your financial transactions and their nature. However, as long as you can pay the bills, we can surely offer you a mortgage with favourable interest rates.

Should I use a mortgage repayment calculator in Ireland?

It depends if you want to. However, sometimes it is required to use a loan calculator in Ireland when you have a bad credit score or have other borrowing issues or confusion. A mortgage repayment calculator of Ireland can help you get a quote of the loan term, such as monthly payment and total repayment amounts with different mortgage rates and duration.

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Representative Example

Loan amount of €10,000 with a monthly repayment of €331.19 over a loan term of 36 months at a rate of interest per annum (fixed) of 12.5%. This is equivalent to 12.5% APR Representative. Total amount repayable is €11922.79

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