Privacy Policy

The 247Lenderloans has a number of privacy policies, statements and protocols in place that outline the way we gather information, how we might use that information, the circumstances we may disclose it and how we manage information.

At 247Lenderloans , we are committed to maintaining the trust and confidence of visitors to our website.

This privacy policy will apply to you if you provide your personal information to us, even if you decide not to proceed with any of the services we offer. This privacy policy is also used by all the companies / trading styles within 247Lenderloans and our group who provide various debt and insolvency solutions.

The aim of this policy is to provide a clear understanding of what happens to the information you send to us and how we will use that personal information in providing our advice and services to you including how we protect that information in line with new GDPR legislation.

Initial Advice

We first obtain information about you when you visit our website and contact us for advice on your debts and information on the services we offer. You can contact us either via email, an online form, online web chat or a phone call to us.

When you make an enquiry with us, we will use your personal information to contact you to discuss your financial situation and provide you with details on any solutions we might be able to offer you. During our initial advice stages, if you cannot provide additional information that is requested, we may not be able to progress with your application or enquiry.

We may use your personal information to contact you in regards to your enquiry and to process any application for a solution. We may contact you by the methods you have provided, for example via phone call, email, text message, communicating via online web chat or in writing/ by post.

After you have requested initial advice and if you decide to proceed with any of the services we offer, the sections below explain how we will process your personal data in order to provide that particular service.

Processing of your personal data:

Most of the personal data we process is obtained from you when you provide it directly to the 247Lenderloans , but we may also obtain personal data about you from other sources in the course of the performance of our statutory functions and activities.

The personal data we collect from or about you or through our systems help us to comply with our legal obligations or to carry out our statutory functions and activities. The personal data we collect, the basis of processing and the purposes of processing.


Any information (including any personal data) that you provide to the 247Lenderloans (e.g. in a complaint, in a merger notification, in response to a consultation or request for information issued by the 247Lenderloans , or as part of 247Lenderloans enquiries and investigations) may in certain circumstances be disclosed by the 247Lenderloans to third parties, including our third party service providers and other recipients. The 247Lenderloans may disclose such information to third parties where required or permitted to do so by law.

For further details of the situations in which the 247Lenderloans may disclose personal data to third parties and for information on how the 247Lenderloans collects and uses personal data.

What we do with information we take during a search:

The 247Lenderloans has the power, under its legislation, to carry out unannounced searches of business premises and private homes, on foot of a search warrant issued by the District Court.

The aim of carrying out a search is to uncover evidence relating to an investigation being carried out by the 247Lenderloans . It is possible that, during a search, the 247Lenderloans may seize or copy material that contains private personal information. In order to protect such information – that is, information that is not related to the person’s work or business – the 247Lenderloans has adopted a protocol known as our Privacy Protocol.

This protocol outlines the safeguards put in place by the 247Lenderloans to protect the privacy rights of businesses and individuals when material is taken during the course of an unannounced search.

Keeping your personal data secure:

The 247Lenderloans operates and uses appropriate technical and physical security measures to protect your personal data.

We have in particular taken appropriate security measures to protect any personal data held by the 247Lenderloans from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss or alteration, and from unauthorised disclosure or access. Access to your personal data is only granted on a need-to-know basis to those people within the 247Lenderloans whose roles require them to process your personal data and, in certain circumstances, to third parties.

Accessing your personal data:

You can make a request for your personal data by contacting our Data Protection Officer via email at or alternatively by writing to: Data Protection Officer, 247Lenderloans , 47 Kildare Street, Dublin 2, D02 CT92.

If you would like to request that we amend the accuracy or completeness of your personal data, restrict the processing of your personal data or seek erasure of your data please contact our Data Protection Officer.

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